About Nido Early Schools

The Nido collection of early schools for children was launched in 2014 to provide families with a new standard of childcare services, focusing on early childhood experiences and education. The word ‘Nido’ is Italian for ‘nest’ (pronounced neeh-doh) and was inspired by the Italian principles of the ‘Reggio Emilia Approach’, which is the world-class educational philosophy upon which our schools are founded.

Reggio Emilia is to child care what Leonardo Da Vinci is to art, Prada is to fashion and Maserati is to motor vehicles. Italy is a world leader in many industries and childhood education is no exception. Reggio Emilia is named after the Italian city itself and creates an environment for children where they are encouraged to create, trust, explore, discover and excel.

At Nido we have taken the Reggio Emilia philosophy’ to early childhood development and adapted it to suit the Australian culture, climate and educational expectations of families. Our childcare centres use calming colours, natural products wherever possible and are designed to inspire a love of the natural environment. We have utilised premium finishes, textures and high quality furnishings throughout and purchased equipment that will extend creativity and curiosity. Your child will be as comfortable and confident in our schools as they are in their own home.

Regardless of whether you work full time or choose our Nido Early Schools purely for the benefits of education and socialisation, you will find our caring staff flexible and willing to address the ever- changing needs of the modern family. You can leave your child with our experienced educators or stay for a while in our families’ lounge and chat with other parents, because your Nido Early School is your family’s home away from home. To find out more about Nido Early School’s premium child care offering, contact us today.