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Introducing Adele!

Art Teacher, Nido Early School Beeliar Village

My Background

Since completing my Bachelor of Education from the University of Auckland, I have had over 10 years experience working in both New Zealand and Australia in centres based on a variety of pedagogies. Having previously combined my passion of art and education in my own art studio, I am thrilled to now be able to build on my current skills in Nido Early School and to pass on my passion to the children I teach. Having being brought up in South Africa and spending time in orphanages in India, Thailand and Fiji, I’ve always wished that every child on earth could have access to a quality, meaningful education.

My Passion

‘Learning is more than the ABC’s and 123’s. It is equipping children with the skills and emotional social and cognitive abilities to provide a foundation for formal schooling from age 5’

My Nido Top Three

I love the following things about teaching at Nido…

  1. At Nido Early School, the art room forms the heart of the centre, like it is in Italy, from where the Reggio Emilia approach originates. The prominence of its position just shows the extent to which Nido fosters innate creativity and allows children to express their thoughts in 100 ways!
  2. Learning is not just documented in one way at Nido Early School as we approach every child uniquely and recognise that learning is a fluid process. Instead, everything from observations, special milestones and moments and art samples are kept to highlight the child’s day-to-day journey at the centre.
  3. The Nido Early School brand exudes quality and professionalism. It emphasises a focus on community and the cornerstone of their philosophy is the fact that the child comes first.
My super powers: If I were a superhero, I would… have the power to instil a love of learning in every child, worldwide. If I can have a second one, I would also love to fly and be invisible just because that sounds like heaps of fun!

To find out more about Nido Early School’s Beeliar Village Centre, call Nicole on (08) 9437 4488.

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