Learning at Nido Early School

When looking for child care centres, we know it’s easiest to search for ‘daycare centres near me’ or ‘childcare centres near me’ but we also understand that location isn’t your only concern. At Nido we offer a world-class early childhood education environment based on the Reggio Emilia Approach, whilst also being conveniently located.

Between the ages of three and five are some of the most exciting years in your child’s life. This is when their curiosity peaks and they rapidly absorb information and are able to apply this new knowledge. Children begin interacting more with other children, start to form social groups and share knowledge and understanding in order to tackle complex challenges.

At Nido Early Schools we tailor our curriculum to specifically meet these growing needs and encourage qualitative learning whilst laying down strong foundations which are so vital at this age. Our curriculum is designed to address the children’s interests and to develop their skills. Our programming format is unique and is designed to address key learning areas including social skills, language, maths, investigation , creative pursuits, fine and gross motor skills, sensory experiences, cultural experiences and environmental understanding. In addition to this it addresses the Outcomes as outlined in the Early Years Learning Framework.

Each day has structure and routine and includes time for play, project work and also free choice. Every child’s progress is monitored by observation-based assessment and documentation. In addition, a portfolio of work is compiled for every child to capture their unique creativity and expression whilst regular communication with parents is maintained. A Daily Journal is available at the end of each day which document’s the activities achieved throughout the day. Our educators are always willing todiscuss your child’s day with you.

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