Teaching Toddlers Important Values Through Play

Nido Early School’s programs for toddlers, which includes pre kindy in Perth and 3 year old kinder in Melbourne, teach the value of sharing and cooperation through group play. Children are encouraged to develop friendships and gain confidence as they interact with others, plus we aim to identify and encourage every child's own unique set of skills and interests.

Our programs address key learning areas including social skills, language, maths, investigation, creative pursuits, fine and gross motor skills, sensory experiences, cultural experiences and environmental understanding. We monitor each child’s progress via observation-based assessments and document their rapidly developing skills, physical abilities and personalities.

Parents are invited to take time to view their individual child’s portfolio. This is an important time in your child's life and regular communication with every parent is constantly maintained. For more information about 3 year old kindy in Perth or Melbourne, contact us today.