Nido Cucinas

Italians are famous for their food and they take great pride in producing delicious meals from the freshest of ingredients. ‘Cucina’ is Italian for kitchen and in Italy the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home or restaurant, where quality meals are made for everyone to experience and enjoy.

At Nido we have taken culinary inspiration for our child care menu from the Italians (just as we have with the Reggio Emilia style of education) and our ‘Cucinas’ are inspired places where we create tasty and nutritious food fresh each day, to nurture your child’s development and meet all their important daily dietary requirements.

We aim to instil in all children the importance of maintaining a lifelong respect for food with a particular focus on sustainability. It is important children understand where food comes from and each school uses fresh produce from their own vegetable gardens wherever possible.

Nutrition plays a pivotal role in the quality of care we provide and each menu is also prepared in accordance with the nutrition checklist, `Start Right Eat Right’. Our menus are reviewed twice a year in conjunction with dieticians and nutritionists to ensure that we give your children the very best start in life.

It goes without saying all meals are prepared in accordance with Food Safety and Nutrition standards plus dietary, cultural and medical needs are catered for by each Cucina. Each room has a copy of all dietary requirements and food allergies plus we encourage families to meet with the Cucina staff during the orientation process to discuss your child’s specific needs.

To ensure strict compliance with all nutrition guidelines and due to children’s allergies, we ask all families not to bring any food into our schools, including birthday treats. A small financial donation to the School will ensure a cake is prepared by our Cucina for all the children to enjoy.