Our Team

Every parent understands how difficult it is to entrust the care of your child to others and that is why Nido Early School hires the industry-best educators and degree-qualified teachers at our early learning centres.

All Nido Early School educators are dedicated to providing exceptional child care services and early childhood development. All interactions and learning takes place in a safe environment where children are encouraged to develop friendships, trusted bonds and are treated to a world of creative exploration.

All educators hold a minimum Certificate III in Children’s Services and each room has a Leading Educator who holds a Diploma in Children’s Services or higher. Our whole team is focused on continually researching the best practice in early childhood education, whilst gaining insight and mentorship from many different principles to impart an educational program that is of the highest standards.

Every Nido Early School will have a Curriculum Leader employed to support the centre educators with education programming and the implementation of the Reggio Emilia Approach. The Curriculum Leaders are a unique strategy that Nido has devised to ensure the ongoing development of the staff thereby creating the best possible learning environments for each child. They provide training to educators within the school, provide support in creating meaningful programs and work on developing the physical environments in which the child learns and plays.

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