The Nido Environment

At Nido, we understand that as parents you strive to create a caring and safe environment for your family, and it is only natural you seek the same standard from your chosen Nido Early School. Your child’s transition from home to one of our early childhood centres should be seamless and it will feel like a home away from home where they are comfortable, happy and inspired.

Every Nido Early School has been architecturally designed and custom built to meet our childcare philosophy and the highest expectations. Each room has been meticulously planned and we use premium fixtures and finishes with a coordinated choice of textures and natural tones. Spaces are light and we avoid heavy materials, carpets or synthetic materials and limit the inclusion of commercial toys.

Children are encouraged to flow freely between the indoor and outdoor learning environments which include vegetable patches, relaxation spaces, areas to grow and care for living things, studio spaces, areas for musical play, areas for large scale construction activities and carefully considered learning spaces. Mirrors are used to enable children to see things from different angles, encourage play, and view the world in different ways and to develop a sense of self. Spaces are adapted to each age group including Nursery-baby child care, toddlers-pre kindy and Kindergarten-3 year old kinder.

Art and encouraging self-expression is paramount and each Nido Early School has a dedicated art studio (Atelier) where each child is encouraged to express their creativity using a variety of mediums and materials. Children are encouraged to explore the materials and are also taught how to work with different mediums which is called ‘skilling’ as children are taught the required skills. At Nido art is about enjoyment just as much as participation and pieces are displayed in a gallery-style area, giving fellow students and families a chance to enjoy an exhibition of artworks from students of all ages.

Careful consideration has also been given to the family of each child and parents are encouraged to stay and relax in the lounge. Nido Early Schools provide parents with the opportunity to engage and enjoy the environment, just as much as your children.

To see the beautiful, engaging Nido Early School environments for yourself to book a tour, contact your closest centre. We would love to show you around.