Our Philosophy

At Nido Early School child care centres, our values and ethos are bound by a passion to provide young minds with the ability, means and skills to enable and sustain future growth and development. Our childcare philosophy and values can be summed up as the following:

  • We believe every child has the right to make choices in regards to their learning
  • We believe every child should feel a strong sense of well-being
  • We believe that the environment should reflect our love of nature and our views on sustainability
  • We believe that the environment is the 'third teacher' and therefore it is essential that we set up our physical spaces in a manner that encourages engagement and exploration
  • We believe in building relationships with families and encouraging a high degree of involvement and participation
  • We believe the early years are the foundation years and by providing meaningful learning experiences we can cultivate a love of learning
  • We believe that learning is ongoing and we constantly seek to develop our own knowledge and thereby offer richer experiences to the children in our care

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